The London Assembly is a growing group of volunteers who will restore power to We The People.
Governments have misrepresented the people they were meant to serve, thus eroding rights and freedoms, so the London Assembly was formed to hold our elected officials responsible and to create an unlimited future for all.
We will uphold Natural Law by reclaiming our basic human rights, including life and liberty, quality foods, clean air and water and with no forced intervention of our bodies.  We will work with the restoration plan to restore our planet to a non-polluted state and respect natures natural balance.
Our goal is to inspire people to take back control of their lives and gain confidence in knowing we can govern ourselves. 
We will educate and raise awareness bringing new and honest media and communications.  Through peaceful awareness we will give the people a platform and voice to make positive change.

This is now a time for the people to create solutions and help implement new systems, rebuilding and redesigning a world we all wish to live in.

Our team is growing daily and we would love to hear from you.  You are most welcome to join us, actively or sharing your ideas, we look forward to merging with more people and assemblies worldwide.

Join our weekly meetings

Join us every Wednesday at 8pm GMT for our London Assembly General Meeting.

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We’re connecting with local projects in London.

Formation of the United Kingdom

617 Kingdom of Northumbria established

802 Kingdom of Wessex

1086 Domesday Book

1215 Magna Carta

1258 Provisions of Oxford – Governance of England supervised by parliament.

1320 Declaration of Arbroath – Appeal to Pope to recognise Scottish sovereignty.

1628 The Petition of Rights – Further rights and liberties.

1689 Bill of Rights – Monarch cannot rule without consent of parliament.

1701 The Act of Settlement – Succession and judicial independence.

1707 Act of Union – Union of England and Scotland under Great Britain

1801 Act of Union – Union of Great Britain and Ireland under the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

1832 Great Reform Act – Number of men entitled to vote increased.

1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty – Irish free state recognised. Northern Ireland remains in UK.

1928 Representation of the People’s Act – Right to vote for all men and women over 21.

1972 Treaty of Accession, European Communities Act, Suspension of Stormont

1978 Scotland Act, Wales Act

1998 Scotland Act, Government of Wales Act, Northern Ireland Act

2008 Government of Wales Act

2020 European Union (Withdrawal Agreement)



1067 William I Charter to the City of London

1189 First Mayor of London

1199 Citizens of London granted right to elect own Sheriff

1285 Court of Aldermen

1376 Common Council

1689 London, Quo Warranto Judgement Reversed Act

1889 London County Council

1965 Greater London Council

1999 Greater London Authority Act